Is your school, community group, or club looking to boost the bank balance and raise money for something? Try a Rocket-raiser.

How it works

We give you an astronomically good deal on our delicious Rocket products, and you sell them at a price you choose and keep the profit. It’s that easy.

Get started

Contact us or submit the form below to let us know you’re keen as to run a Rocket-raiser. We’ll send you a product list, images, special fundraiser pricing, and an order form template. You choose the Rocket products you want to sell, how much to sell them for, and how long your Rocket-raiser will run. Then customise our order form, add your branding and get Rocket-raising.

Your Rocket-raiser

Advertise your Rocket-raiser far and wide (probably best to keep it earthside though). As orders come in, enter them into the shared Rocket spreadsheet we’ll give you and collect everyone’s payment. Once the Rocket-raiser ends, confirm your order with us, and we’ll send you an invoice. Pay online, and we’ll deliver your Rocket products at light speed to distribute.

Event more your thing?

Looking for something more exciting than the usual sausage sizzle? If running an event with our products – a Rocket burger pop-up maybe – is more your thing we can give you that astronomically good deal on any of our products to support your community event. Contact us or submit the form and let us know what you need.