Welcome to Rocket

Our Rocket products are ‘down to earth delicious’. You’ll find no UFOs (unidentifiable food objects) in our burgers, meatballs, mince or lamb. We keep it real, with the very best quality 100% prime New Zealand beef and lamb, grass-fed and grazed earthside.  

Rocket Beef

Rocket Beef Meatballs

With big bang inspired taste, these ain’t your average asteroids. They’re soft, juicy and rolled to perfection by our robot army. 

Angus Beef Mince

Unlike other mince, ours isn’t boring. It’s off the planet good. Well-ground and ready for lift-off on your next dinner adventure. 

Rocket Beef Patties

Made to fry, not fly, our burgers are ready for launch straight from the pack. These bad boys will make you famous in your own backyard. 

Rocket Lamb

Lamb Shoulder Oyster Cut, On-The-Bone

Everyone will travel at warp speed to the dinner table to enjoy this melt-in-your-mouth meal. No fuss, just masses of flavour.

Lamb Ribs In A BBQ Spice Rub

Jettison these babies straight from the pack to the grill for a juicy, tender and astronomically good plate.

Braised Lamb In A Rosemary & Mint Sauce

Diced into convenient bite-sized pieces our casserole-style braised lamb in a delectable sauce will have you gravitating back for more.

Lamb Shanks In A Rosemary & Mint Sauce

You’ll be over the moon with these lamb shanks. Served in a rosemary and mint sauce that packs a real flavour punch.
rocket lamb shanks tomato gravy

Lamb Shanks In A Rich Tomato Gravy

Braised low and slow in an irresistible tomato gravy these lamb shanks are sure to become the centre of your universe.

Where can I buy Rocket meat products?

You won’t need to venture far from home to find our down to earth delicious products.
Just head to your local supermarket or Four Square. 

If you can’t find them at your local store, ask for them by name or send us a message.